Transfer of Registrant Instructions
Please note that this form is only applicable for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name or .us domain names. To transfer domain names with other extensions, please contact customer support.
Please fax to : +49 1212 5 105 63 197 or mail to venturemedia | In der Steinriede 7 | 30161 Hannover | Germany

New Registrant Information (Administrative Contact as Admin-C)

Name, Surname


 Street Adress

 State, Postal Code, City, Country

 Telephone Number

 Fax Number

 Email Adress

 Domainname to transfer to venturemedia

Current Provider :

Company Name

Street Adress

 State, Postal Code, City, Country

Telephone Number, Fax Number

 Email Adress

Letter of Authorization

the current registrant, request that the domain name registration listed above be transferred to venturemedia (DeNIC Provider: Domainfactory).

Note: The 'Current Registrant ' is the original administrative contact listed with your Domain before the Transfer
If the registrant is a business, this must be a business name.

If current registrant is a business, please attach a separate letter of authorization on your company's letterhead, signed by an authorized individual, and designating the party authorized to sign the Transfer of Registrant forms on behalf of the company.

The transfer of the Domain Name from Current Registrant to New Registrant shall be effective upon transmission of an acknowledgment to the New Registrant that the Domain Name has been transferred to the New Registrant.

Signed:  _____________________________ Date:_________________